Gennix FAQ


What is the token ticker name?

Ans: The Gennix token ticker name is $GNNX. You can find GNNX on PancakeSwap by importing the custom token at 0x022b0f871eDc12B1549f894e3A2d721BBEf7519b


What is the total supply of $GNNX tokens? 

Ans: 1 billion. 


What is the supply of $GNNX being sold at presale(seed, round 1 and round 2)?

Ans: The total supply being sold during the 3 rounds is 250,000,000 $GNNX (250 million $GNNX). Seed 100m, hardcap 1m USD Round 1 50m, hardcap 1m USD Round 2 100m, hardcap 3m USD We have already gone live as of 20th August at a launch price of $0.05!


What is the token distribution of $GNNX tokens? 

Ans: 20% Ecosystem, 20% team & advisors, 25% presale, 10% reserved for future sale, 5% airdrop, 20% liquidity


When can I buy $GNNX? 

Ans: You can buy GNNX by going to and importing the contract address 0x022b0f871eDc12B1549f894e3A2d721BBEf7519b . Please also remember import the custom token on your online wallet.


What currencies do you accept for $GNNX and Gennix NFT tokens?

Ans: You will be able to swap them on pancakswap with many different cryptocurrecies. For our NFTs, you will have to stay tuned for more updates on when and where our NFTs will be released


What is the $GNNX token based on? 

Ans: Gennix (GNNX) tokens are based on the Binance Smart Chain and adopt the token standards BEP-1155 and BEP-20



Is Gennix a clone of AAVE/Compound?

Ans: The platform is similar to AAVE and Compound in that we provide borrowing and lending functions. However, we do not provide flash loans (AAVE) due to their risky nature. We are different from AAVE/COMP in that we provide microfinancing and binary options, with additional leverage accessible by providing collateral. Collateral provided can be reduced by increasing creditscore, which proves the borrower to be reputable.


How does Gennix Liquidity Pool provision work?

Ans: Liquidity Pool (LP) provision will be pre-added, with an automated reward ratio of borrowing and lending pools based on the provision of liquidity by lenders into the lending pool


Who are the founders of Gennix?

Ans: There is a big team, with real identities and profiles – you can find the team and advisors in the our website and our whitepaper. We come from a diverse multi-cultural background from many different countries around the globe. Our team combines over 50 years of experience, spanning across many different industries. Together, we have what it takes to make Gennix a success in both the short term and long term



Will there be airdrops of Gennix tokens?

Ans: Yes – $GNNX tokens will be given to bounty campaign supporters who help the project and NFT holders who bought Gennix NFTs. NFT holders will also be given platform trading fee discounts and additional staking. You can find the Gennix bounty campaign on at the Gennix project page.



Where are the team members from? 

Ans: The team members are based in Australia and worldwide, all with many years of experience in relevant industries. Check out our website/whitepaper for more information.


What is the law that covers this project?

Ans: There will be legal issuance of the $GNNX tokens, covered by Singapore law, and a Singaporean law firm’s legal opinion that will be submitted to the Monetary Authority of Singapore for review. 


When does Gennix go live? When does this project start? 

Ans: 27 July 2021

What assets will be available to be lent/borrowed?
Ans: We are planning to include USDT, ETH, BTC, SOL, UNI and CAKE and more to be added in the future

What is Microfinancing?

Ans: This refers to lending and borrowing in small amounts with the provision of less than the typical 200+% collateral required in incumbent DeFi Lending/Borrowing platforms today. Users on our platform with a good credit rating can utilise little to no collateral to take loans


What are binary options?

Ans: Binary options are an easy-to-use and intuitive platform which enables users to select the direction of which users think the digital asset will move in (up/down) - thus the name “Binary”.

How to Set-up MetaMask Wallet?

Click here for the instruction

Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Ans: Rome was not built in 1 day. It is expected that there will be people who are looking to make money in the short term. We fully anticipate such activity. However, we remain focused on the task ahead to ensure the successful and smooth launch and operation of Gennix in both the short and long term. By strictly adhering to our roadmap and constantly keeping up to date on our deliverables, we do not forsee any major obstacle that is stopping our token from mooning hard when we launch