Gennix NFT

NFTs are tokenized versions of real or digital assets and each token is unique, authentic and digitally scarce. NFTs can only be sold, exchanged or transferred in their whole form. Because of these unique properties, NFTs have helped bridge assets across different industries.

NFTs, mixed with this explosive, emerging financial vertical have limitless potential. They can be used as collateral in DeFi lending and can also represent more complex financial products like insurances, bonds or options.


While NFTs have been known to be widely used as a collectible, we have incorporated it into our structure to make them functional by adding utility and value to our investors.

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Dealing with a complicated loan process results in a poor user experience. Gennix provides users with a seamless borrowing and lending experience that is smooth and intuitive. This process is replicated across board for all our users - such that all users will have a good experience with our platform.



Like the northern lights that are seemingly limitless, this NFT suggests that the issue of limited scalability does not impact Gennix. Being developed on BSC, Gennix is highly scalable. The northern lights travel at 7 million miles per hour, which suggests super quick transaction speeds.

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Trees are seen as a symbol of great strength, with an ability to provide sufficient protection to those around it. Gennix is the figurative tree that aims to protect and safeguard the funds of our investors, as well as keeping the best interests of our investors at heart.



There is beauty in simplicity. Gennix offers complex financial tools - but these tools are simple and intuitive. This can be shown by the figurative “bed of roses” that implies that investors will have an easy experience navigating through our platform.

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In the world of decentralized finance, the wealth of individuals has been accelerating at an exponential rate. The possibilities of wealth generation on the Gennix platform are boundless. We aim to lower the gini coefficient between social classes, and make wealth available to all.