Gennix is Democratizing DeFi with NFTs

Gennix is Democratizing DeFi with NFTs

Digitalization and decentralization are powerful forces that are profoundly reshaping the corporate landscape. Within this movement, the technology underpinning non-fungible tokens (NFTs) could shift the power from centralized corporate giants back into the hands of individuals.

The potential to be an equalizer for people of different backgrounds is what has inspired platforms like Gennix to create a borrowing and lending platform with unique NFTs. Their ultimate mission is to establish a fair system to provide income for investors of all levels in hopes of narrowing the wealth gap between socio-economic groups. Whether they are working professionals, investors, or entrepreneurs, everyone benefits from this platform.

Gennix boasts 5 different tiers of NFTs, each representing the challenges faced in the industry and the solutions and values that are at the core of the business.

Tier 1 NFT: Genesis

Dealing with a complicated loan process results in a poor user experience. Gennix provides users with a seamless borrowing and lending experience that is smooth and intuitive.

As users interact more with Gennix’s borrowing and lending platform, their TrustScore and collateralization ratios constantly evolve. The rotating cubes represent change and growth.

Tier 2 NFT: Aurora

Inspired by the seemingly limitless nature of Northern Lights, the Aurora NFT suggests the overcoming of scalability issues apparent within the DeFi landscape. As Gennis is developed on BSC, it makes this project highly scalable. Moreover, with the northern lights traveling at 7 million miles per hour, it represents the lightning speed at which transactions occur on the Gennix platform.

Tier 3 NFT: Serenity

Trees are seen as a symbol of great strength, with an ability to provide sufficient protection to those around it. Gennix is the figurative tree that aims to protect and safeguard the funds of its investors while keeping their best interests at heart.

Tier 4 NFT: Byzantium

There is beauty in simplicity. Gennix offers complex financial tools - but they are presented in a simple and intuitive fashion. This can be shown by the figurative “bed of roses” which implies that investors will have a seamless experience navigating through our platform.

Tier 5 NFT: Metropolis

In the world of decentralized finance, the wealth of individuals has been accelerating at an exponential rate. The possibilities of wealth generation on the Gennix platform are boundless. They aim to lower the Gini coefficient between social classes, and make wealth available to all.

To join Gennix in its vision to be the leading platform in the borrowing and lending DeFi space, you may purchase $GNNX tokens and NFTs through their official website.

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