KingSwap and Technicorum Holdings announce launch of decentralized digital asset protocol Gennix

  • Gennix leverages Layer 2 scaling solutions, targets entrepreneurs and investors

  • Platform to create a fair system that yields revenue for all investors by using yield boosters

  • Loans on the Gennix platform will cost significantly less in interest compared to bank loans

Keefe Tan Gennix

Efficient, decentralized lending platform

The innovative, efficient borrowing and lending platform makes it possible for long-term investors to generate more interest on the assets they lend. Gennix also grants its users access to sophisticated financial tools through a binary options platform. Gennix project director Keefe Tan commented:

Are you looking for fast-news, hot-tips and market analysis? Sign-up for the Invezz newsletter, today. “Many of the incumbent DeFi/CeFI borrowing/lending platforms require excessive collateral for users to take loans. They also charge high platform fees and provide subpar returns. Gennix is turning the tide by providing investors with a seamless lending and borrowing tool with more equity and higher yields for investors new and old. The utility of DeFi and crypto will continue to increase, uniquely positioning Gennix in a prime spot to capture a large portion of market share.”

Benefits of Binance Smart Chain

BSC was developed to be EVM-compatible and is blockchain agnostic, interoperable, and highly scalable. Interoperability enables smooth data exchange between different blockchains. Gennix ecosystem is not limited to any one blockchain protocol. This makes it ready to handle any unexpected blockchain developments in the future.

Loans much cheaper than comparable ones from banks

Loans on the Gennix platform will cost significantly less in interest compared to those charged by traditional financial institutions like banks. This enables Gennix investors to use their capital for investments instead of it going toward fees and cuts out costly middlemen. By implementing binary options, users face less risk from crypto market volatility and generate more wealth. The new platform will be offering NFTs on various tiers, but they will offer high utility via $GNNX token airdrops, staking rewards, and trading fee bonuses unlike the majority of NFTs, which can only be used as collectibles.


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